The American Jewish Congress is calling for the establishment of a bipartisan Congressional Jewish Caucus. 

“Jewish” issues are quintessential “American” issues. Jews are as much a part of the American social, economic, and cultural fabric as any other ethnic or religious group. 

Anti-Semitism is resurfacing on the left and right of mainstream politics. There is a growing political divide over support for Israel and countering the existential threat of a nuclear Iran. White supremacists are emboldened and traffic dangerous tropes about the Jewish people and increasingly commit assaults, murders and massacres of Jews. 

It may surprise some that no such organization exists within the Congress. Caucuses are informal organizations comprised of Members of Congress who work toward achieving common interests. There is a Congressional Black Caucus. There is a Hispanic Caucus. There is a Freedom Caucus. There is even a Bike Caucus, which promotes cycling. 

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